Latest financial results

Turnover 272,9 mil. LEI
EBITDA 42,7 mil. LEI
Operating profit 28,7 mil. LEI
  • The net profit of RON 28,67 million was generated by the businesses in the current structure of the TeraPlast Group, excluding the impact of the exit from the Steel division and the window profiles business.
  • This year’s investments, worth over RON 160 million, are on track, therefore during the following period they will contribute to the Group’s results.
  • The EBITDA margin stood at 15,7%, above the budgeted level and by 0,8 percentage points above the level of the same period last year.
  • The Group’s results in the first half of this year indicate a favorable evolution to reach the 2021 targets of 636,2 mil. lei in turnover and 89,1 mil. lei in EBITDA.

Financial calendar

28 Sep 2021
Ex date share capital increase
29 Sep 2021
Registration date for the share capital increase
30 Sep 2021
Payment date for the share capital increase
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Shareholding structure

Corporate Governance

The corporate governance is consistent with the law and aims to ensure transparency of the activities of TeraPlast so that all shareholders and potential investors have equal access to information about the company.

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