TeraPlast is the parent company of the TeraPlast Group, the largest Romanian manufacturer of construction materials.

The company’s history started in 1896, when the first ceramic tile workshop opened in Bistrita. Over the years, the company underwent numerous changes, becoming state-owned in 1948 and being included in the Bistrita Construction Materials Enterprise in 1977.

Through determination and adaptability, in 1990, TeraPlast is formed, following the split of the Bistrita Construction Materials Enterprise. Today, TeraPlast is the only company, detached from the former Enterprise, in activity.

Thanks to its vision and its development plans, the company reached out to external markets and started using state-of-the-art technology early. As a result, in 1992 it formed a partnership with GemencPlast, a Hungarian company. 

Additionally, as part of its development and innovation orientation, TeraPlast established new companies in 1994. Politub was one such company. It brought to the local market the first water and gas pipes manufactured in Romania. 

In 1995, TeraPlast privatized its capital through the MEBO method. Three years later, in 1998, it formed the TeraPlast group of companies.

In 2008, the Group started to develop in force.

On July 2, 2008, TeraPlast went public on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, under the TRP symbol.

That same year, construction started on the TeraPlast Industrial Park, where the Group eventually relocated.

The company’s history is defined by ample development projects and partnerships, as well as leadership through a diverse product portfolio. Over the years, the company’s principles of continuous development, innovation and excellence were an integral part of its strategic objectives.

The current structure of the TeraPlast Group is:

Today, the TeraPlast Group features a diverse portfolio of products:

  • PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene installation systems (TeraPlast);

  • PVC profiles (TeraPlast);

  • Plasticized and rigid PVC compounds (TeraPlast);

  • PVC and aluminum windows and doors (TeraGlass);

TeraPlast’s slogan, to offer efficient solutions for people and the environment, can be seen both on the inside, and on the outside, through its product portfolio. Following the same ideals, the TeraPlast Group also includes TeraPlast Recycling, the largest rigid PVC processor in Romania and one of the top 10 largest in Europe, according to processing capacity.

TeraPlast (TRP) shares are traded on the main Bucharest Stock Exchange market.

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